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In honor of the late Alex Trebek, The Legacy in State College hosted their own game of Jeopardy. To find our contestants, we hid three flyers around the building for residents to find. Watching residents run all around the building was so entertaining, so many participants just for three spots. The ultimate prize… a gift card to Olive Garden. We hosted the game over Zoom so everyone could be in the comfort of their apartment if they chose. Since it was our first time hosting this type of game, we tried to keep it simple.

Of course, for one of our categories we had to have a Penn State trivia, all about the history of Penn State. We also had categories such as "Food and Drink", "Films", "Music" and "Before and After". For the "Before and After" category, the correct answer was a combination of two separate things that combine to form the correct answer. We received a lot of positive reviews not only for the game itself but also for the mini scavenger hunt for the flyers around the clubhouse. Our residents loved this event and next time, we plan to open it up to guests as well!

What Is Jeopardy?

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